Building a digital future for Myanmar


A rickety rickshaw rolls along the broken pavement of a forgotten laneway in Yangon, Myanmar’s bygone-era darling capital. Here, the crumbling buildings with their cavernous colonial architecture are seemingly strapped together by the decades-old tropical jungle vines that sprout from the brickwork, encasing the ageing residences.

Telenor and Wikimedia Foundation

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The partnership between Telenor and the Wikimedia Foundation was established in February 2012, and was founded on a shared commitment to bring Wikipedia to Telenor customers free of data charges.

The initiative is part of the Wikimedia Foundation’s mobile strategy, which focuses on reaching the billions of people around the world whose primary opportunity to access the Internet is via a mobile device.

Following the agreement, special versions of Wikipedia for mobile phones were launched in Thailand, Malaysia and Montenegro. In addition, Telenor aims to launch Wikipedia Zero in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Serbia in 2014.

The evolution of the cheap smartphone

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When asked about the rise of the low-cost smartphone, Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, responded that he is not in the “junk business”*. But one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Telenor Group sees opportunity in the growing market for affordable smart devices, in order to provide high customer value at an affordable price.

Standing up for safety

Telenor Youth Summit

Safa Tahseem and Sami Tahsin are two sisters who represent a new generation of well-educated and self-sufficient Bangladeshi women who are rising in prominence in their home country today. They are women who play sports, watch movies and are part of a heavy metal band. And they are women who dream of a better and safer Bangladesh.

Elevating financial services

Financial Services

Telenor Group has made great strides in the growing market for advanced mobile financial payments in emerging countries. Starting this year, it will have its first online bank, Mastercard service and microloans in Serbia, all via mobile phones.