Capturing Customers’ Love: A how to guide

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Capturing the love of customers isn’t so different from the process of falling in love with a potential life partner. The end goal is quite similar: a long-term relationship based on emotion, mutual respect and benefit.

The first hurdle is to get to know each other. This is the time to introduce yourself, find out more about this person and let them learn all they can about you. They have already made the rational decision to try you out. It’s now the courtship begins.

Love is truly a long-term ambition, and the journey to its capture should not be taken lightly

To appeal to the emotional side of an individual, you need to be exciting, different and show that you are truly listening. You need to stay fresh, avoid recycling old lines and promises you can’t keep, and instead make a person feel special. Think about them when making decisions, find ways to make them happy and adapt quickly to their changing moods and preferences. Stay on your toes, because making things overly complicated and difficult will not make anyone fall in love with you.

A few simple truths in any relationship in which love is the ultimate goal: 1. Be easy to deal with and don’t overly complicate everything. 2. Be relevant and do things to make life easier. 3. And continually come up with new and exciting ways to stay fresh.

Love is truly a long-term ambition, and the journey to its capture should not be taken lightly. It’s about connecting. Just how good is the communication you are offering? It’s about interacting. How easy are you to reach and engage with? And it’s about defining a new universe of offerings that you can give to that person. Do you know what they truly want and need to be happy? Sometimes you have to put your loved one in the driver’s seat and let them be in charge for a change.

The measure of any relationship is through the happiness and satisfaction of those involved. When the emotional connection is so great that unconditional love is achieved, any and all competition tends to be blown out of the water. So, do not grow complacent, do not become boring. Change with the times, seek new opportunities and stay exciting for your loved one. I know that love cannot necessarily guarantee you success in all things, but it’s a pretty good place to start.


Kjell-Morten Johnsen is Telenor Group’s Executive Vice
President and Head of European Operations. He previously held the position of CEO for Telenor Serbia. He curently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of VimpelCom Ltd (as of June 2011) and at OJSC VimpelCom (Russia – as of June 2007).

Telenor’s strategic ambition: Loved by customers

A part of Telenor’s strategy for 2014-2016, one of the strategic ambitions is to be “Loved by Customers”. Only by delivering real value will we create customer attention and loyalty. Increased customer loyalty will enable Telenor to maintain or increase market share, and become a customer-centric leader, as measured by Net Promoter Score.