Once in a lifetime

Jon Fredrik Baksaas, CEO and President, Telenor

On January 30 this year, we signed an agreement with the government of Myanmar for a nationwide telecommunications license. This signing marks a significant milestone in Myanmar’s history…and Telenor’s history for that matter.

We started this journey in 2012, by preparing an application to be one of the two foreign entrants into Myanmar’s soon-to-be competitive telecom market. We told the story of who we are, why we are different and what we envision for the Myanmar people in terms of connectivity. On June 27, 2013, we learned that we were selected as one of two successful applicants.

With a signed agreement in place and a license in hand, we now embark on the next phase of our journey – the most important part. There are around 60 million people living in Myanmar, most of whom have never personally owned a mobile phone and have never accessed the internet. Connectivity is a powerful thing; it changes lives, creates opportunity and impact societies. We do not take our responsibilities lightly.

We have made a promise to Myanmar to start offering services within eight months of receiving our license. From now on we start building. Building infrastructure, building partnerships, and building a presence in the lives of our future customers. Within five years, we aim to provide coverage to 90% of the population. The growth curve for this country will be the steepest we’ll ever see in our lifetime, and represents a unique business opportunity for Telenor.

We know the journey won’t always be smooth, but we have the knowledge, experience and high standards to see us through challenges ahead. Our focus is on the people of Myanmar. They are waiting for us. And we are ready to bring them world-class mobile services.

Let’s get started!