Sustainable business in Myanmar

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Opportunities & risks

ICT and mobile phones drive development in any society today. Myanmar currently has one of the lowest ICT adoption rates in the world. Less than 10% of the population enjoys access to a telephone line and less than 1.5% has access to the internet. Delivering affordable connectivity to the Myanmar population will in itself have a huge social and economic impact.

At Telenor we recognise that doing business in Myanmar will entail significant sustainability risks and companies entering the country need to be vigilant. Telenor operates in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and internationally recognized human rights standards, including principles and guidelines set by the United Nations and OECD.

Delivering affordable connectivity to the Myanmar population will in itself have a huge social and economic impact

We will carry out our operations in a manner that is consistent with such standards, our Code of Conduct and corresponding policies and manuals.

Telenor believes that dialogue with stakeholders, including government and civil society, is crucial to productive sustainability work. As part of our preparation for entering Myanmar we have engaged with a range of stakeholders, and we will continue to do so as we start our operations.


Telenor is firmly opposed to corruption in all forms and is committed to doing business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Telenor’s governing framework sets one single standard which shall secure sustainable business activities, regardless of where such activities take place.

Corruption risks are managed through a risk-based approach, based upon principles and procedures embedded in our Telenor Group Anti-Corruption Program. Telenor’s management is committed to sending clear, unambiguous and regular messages to all staff and business partners that corruption and bribery is unacceptable. Regular communication, awareness training and capacity building of our people as well as suppliers are crucial to help them understand and live Telenor’s values and formal rules relating to anti-corruption.

Telenor will strive to continue its ongoing dialogue with public authorities and suppliers on challenges.
To aid in implementation of Telenor’s stand on zero tolerance against corruption, Telenor’s Anti-Corruption Handbook and Telenor Myanmar Anti-Corruption Statement is developed and distributed in the Burmese language.

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